June 2, 2022

Do You Poop Correctly?

For many people emptying your bowels comes naturally and that there is no right or wrong way to ‘go to the loo’. Add in the awkward factor of not being at home and having to poop in a portable toilet, then you may find yourself holding it in. This isn’t a good idea as you’ll read below. Knowing a few technique pointers could help you to make the best of an uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) situation.

If You Need A Poo - Visit a Portable Loo (don’t hold it in.)

Even though everyone’s toilet routine will differ, there are some general pointers if you want to make sure that your technique is helping you to empty yourself.

Not going when you feel as though you really need to, is not great for your body at all. In fact, it can come with some very unpleasant side effects. One of these being your poop drying out and becoming very hard to pass. This can lead to you being backed up causing constipation. Your digestive system is a machine, and if you do not keep it well maintained by going to the bathroom often, then things can come to a standstill.

If you get really constipated then your body will create watery poo to try and remove the blockage. If things don’t sort themselves out you could end up with a trip to the hospital, so if you want to avoid this - if you need to go, then go! That’s why we offer construction, event, wheelchair / accessible and hotwash portable toilets where it’s just not feasible to have main water toilets.

The Perfect Poo Position

Some people swear by sitting, others squat, so what’s the right position? If you choose to sit in your portable toilet you need to:

–       Sit with your knees higher than your hips.

–       Lean forward and rest your elbows on your knees

–       Bulge out your stomach so you create a pressure vacuum

–       Try and straighten your spine if possible while maintaining the posture 

Hovering above the seat in a squatting position when using a toilet hire cubicle can be very difficult for your pelvic floor muscles. It doesn’t matter whether you are peeing or pooping in a portable toilet, you just need to make sure that your posture allows your body to do what it does naturally, so you can go quickly and efficiently.

Are You Taking Too Long to Go?

Do you like to read or scroll through your phone in the bathroom? Maybe this can help you relax but you should know that if you sit for too long on the toilet may mean you spend more time straining.

If you are having to strain for more than a few minutes when using a portable toilet, then it is a good idea to leave the toilet and try again a little later on. If you find yourself being constipated for any length of time, it’s a good idea for you to visit your doctor.

Proper Practices when it Comes to Toilet Paper

Some people scrunch, other people fold. When it comes to using toilet paper, there are a few details that you should keep in mind. It’s a good idea for you to wipe from front to back as this will help you to avoid infections.

If you’re looking for hire a portable toilet, then ensure you keep your toilet rolls fully stocked, so no one is caught short when it comes to wiping. In order to keep your portable toilet as clean as possible ,ensure you leave it fully accessible for your weekly service. This keeps your unit clean and fully charged. The chemicals used in your now clean toilet will break down solid waste including toilet paper, kill germs, as well as removing odours leaving your loo smelling nice!

Now Washing your Hands…

Poo contains so many viruses and germs that are invisible to the eye and can hide on your doorknob, your tap (or sanitiser dispenser) or any other portable toilet surface.

A 2016 European study found that of100,000 people, 40% of women who used a portable toilet did not wash their hands afterwards and neither did a shocking 62% of men!

When you use a portable toilet, you may have several hand sanitising options available to you such as:

·      A sink or hand sanitiser unit with the toilet

·       Sinks or hand sanitiser units outside of the toilet /in a communal hand washing area

So, it’s very important that you not only go properly but that you also make sure that you sanitise your hands too to ensure you look after your health.

If you are interested in hiring portable toilets, we have a range available we have a range available along with hand washing and hand sanitising options. Unsure of what you need? Contact us and we can advise you.

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