November 2, 2023

Why Booking An Early Christmas Off-Hire Is So Important.

What Is Off-Hiring?

As you can imagine the lead up to Christmas is a busy time and construction sites will be readying themselves for the Christmas shut down. We understand that over the Christmas period you will not want to pay for toilet hire if you are not using them, so this is why many companies will ‘off-hire’ their toilets back to us over the Christmas period, then request delivery of fresh toilets again on site ready for work starting again in January.

As a company we are inundated with requests for off-hires in the weeks leading up to Christmas,  and our team will be working at full capacity during the busy time to get as many done, as quickly and smoothly as possible.  

Sometimes we get very last minute requests for off-hires and we are simply not able to accommodate these because we are working at full capacity. Collection of toilets requires careful programming, to ensure we make the best use of our staff time, petrol and vehicle usage. After all, it makes sense to collect several toilets in one area on the same day than visiting the same location several days in a row.

What If I Book My Off-Hires At The Last Minute?

If we are not able to fit in your portable toilet off-hire because it is a last minute request, unfortunately you will be charged for the time the toilets are on site over the Christmas break – therefore it pays to book your off-hires in early!

The sooner your portable toilet off hires are programmed in, the more you can rest easy knowing that we’ll be able to remove your toilets from site and you’ll not be charged for this period. You can also be assured that come January you’ll have a fresh set of loos that have been cleansed by our dedicated yard team for the New Year.

What If I Don’t Know Yet When My Sites Plan To Close?

We realise that these things take time to plan and if you’re a large company, you may have several people you need to approach, in many areas in order to find out this information. Talk to your Site Managers and Facilities Coordinators and let us know as soon as you have a date.

What Should I Do Now?

Start asking questions! Find out when your sites are closing for Christmas and book your off hire with us before Friday 8th December, to ensure we can fulfill your request. Phone us on 0800 999 2260 or contact us via email, and we’ll do the rest.

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