September 15, 2021

What's included in a weekly toilet Service?

You're working on a busy site, You’ve hired your toilets, and you’ve got a service booked. Do you know what to expect or what’s included? We want to you to be prepared, so your service goes as smoothly as possible. Our helpful guide below will spell out what’s included in your service and what you can expect from us.

What’s provided in a weekly toilet service?

If you are hiring toilets for more than 7 days, then a weekly service is included in the price of your hire. This is generally standard across the portable toilet hire industry. If your hire period is for less than this, but you have requested a service, we will provide this for you.

Remember to tell us if there is anything specific, we need to know such as any narrow roads or openings we may encounter. You may have gates to your location so it’s a good idea to tell us the width of the gap. If you are hiring toilets from us and you are a new customer, we may have already carried out a site visit, but if we are servicing the toilets on behalf of someone else then information like this is essential to ensuring we can reach you.

What happens during the service?

·      The service driver will firstly remove any rubbish in the toilets before starting cleaning.

·      Your toilet is emptied using industrial hoses which will pump the contents directly into a tank on our vehicle. Our service tanker will need to get as close as possible to your toilets to ensure the hose reaches adequately and there are no kinks or twists in the pipes .Our service staff are very experienced and will do their best to ensure a fast and efficient empty for you.

·      Before you hire, remember to place your toilets where they can be sited easily. Read our guide to ensure easy access to your toilets.

·      Our service driver will then cleanse and disinfect the toilet.

·      Antibacterial / deodorising liquid is then added to the flush tank. This fluid is often known as ‘blue’ and is completely biodegradable. Non-potable (non drinking) water is also added to the toilet’s flush holding tank. Whilst on site we can also refill any non-drinking water facilities needed such as hand washing stations.

What about hand washing and hand hygiene?

·      Toilet hires with sinks (which are generally hired by the construction industry) are cleaned and sanitised before the sink water tank is refilled.

·      The door and Internal walls in the unit are cleansed before being sprayed with disinfectant and external walls are also washed too.

·      If you have hired urinals, then these will also be cleaned and sanitised. If you’ve not considered urinals before then check out are single mobile urinal and 4 bay urinal.

·      Lastly, we will replace any consumables such as toilet paper.

Will your toilets be used during the evening or at night?

If you are working on a site during the winter months then you may want to consider hiring a toilet with an internal motion activated LED light to avoid any toilet mishaps, and ensure people hit the right target! Just mention this to us when you book your hire.

I’m not going to be in to sign off the service?

That’s ok! As long as we can access the toilet’s location, we will carry out the service and email you date and time stamped pictures to show the work has been done.

What happens next?

We are fully accredited waste carriers and will ensure your waste is taken to a licensed treatment facility for disposal.

Any questions?

There are more details on our portable toilets servicing page for you to view. Or give us a call on 0800 999 2260 or email us at can also fill out our query form here.

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