4 Bay Urinals

Portable urinal hire perfect for male heavy events. Urinal hire from D-tox includes delivery and are set up by our qualified event staff . We cover all of the wider Midlands area. Speak to our team and get a quote today.

image of portable urinalsHand sanitizer connected to portable urinal
image of urinals available for hire
image of portable urinals
image of portable urinals
Hand sanitizer connected to portable urinal
image of urinals available for hire
"To all other Toilet companies, D-tox Group is how you do it. First class service from a first class company".
Mel Gould - MPG Hire
"We urgently needed a septic tank as our main connection to the drains has been damaged, the team at D-tox Group were quick to respond with a quote and deliver. We would highly recommend this company".
Myla Iqbal
"This is the first time but definitely not the last time we use D-tox Group. I would totally recommend D-tox Group to anyone looking for toilets for an outdoor event. Well done guys".
John Elwell
"I was really happy with the service. Fast delivery and was really pleased that the loo was cleaned once a week. I would recommend D-tox Group".
Margaret Dank
"I run a fleet of mobile welfare units and I must say D-tox Group provide an excellent service looking after the weekly servicing. By far our best service provider".
Paul Reynolds
"We have used D-tox Group for our chemical toilets for many years and have found they always go above and beyond with regards to supply and servicing".
Sharron Jenkins
Designed for 4 users at any time
Will help shorten queues for toilets at events
Moulded fins Help Preserve modesty
Helps keep portable toilets clear for use by female, elderly or young users
Same Day/Next day delivery*
*Subject to availability

Why Use 4 bay urinals ?

  • Large capacity waste storage tanks
  • Fast, Responsive delivery
  • D-tox clean/sanitised unit guaranteed
  • All staff trained to recognised industry standards.
  • Proof of service/delivery provided electronically immediately upon completion
  • Registered waste carriers
  • Big enough to cope small enough to care
  • Weekend delivery / Collection available
  • Large stock available
    Easy access to support optimal traffic flow


550 litres
120 gallons
Dry Weight
* Subject to minor variation. Not all toilet units are exactly the same.
  • Music concerts
  • Iron man, marathons, Park runs
  • Fetes, fairs, festivals
  • Car boots
  • Sporting events / Golf courses
  • Weddings and parties
  • Private functions
  • Designed for 4 users at one time - quick and hygienic
  • Cut down queues for standard toilets
    Small dimensions - don't take up too much space
  • Create chains of urinals by linking
  • Only one unit temporarily closed whilst emptying others
  • Link to external waste storage for additional waste capacity
  • Top half can be removed completely to allow access for cleaning
  • Optional hand sanitiser pole allows users to clean hands using sanitising gel
  • Cleaned and serviced to agreed timescales by trained personnel
  • Rigorously steam-cleaned and quality checked before each delivery
  • Waste removal and disposal only at registered waste treatment facilities
  • All drivers are CPC trained, hold the national sanitation qualification (NSQ) and carry out in-house training
  • D-tox Group conforms to a standard Code of Practice
  • Delivered and collected to and from your desired location by D-tox Group personnel - we do not use third parties
  • Unit offloaded, sited and positioned by D-tox Group staff for your convenience and allowing access for cleaning

Associated Products/services

How many urinals do you need ?

Depending on what type of event you are running, and the mix of female and male attendees portable urinals could help the flow of toilet usage, keeping everyone happy. When it comes to portable urinal hire The Purple Guide – written by the events industry to help manage health and safety matters recommends the following:

If you are unsure please contact us to determine the optimum number of urinals or toilets for your site.

image of urinals available for hire

Benefits and emptying

Saves significant costs. Each 4 bay pee pod replaces at least 4 or more portable toilets, reducing male user queue times and freeing up toilets for those who need them. Privacy fins around each bay also help to preserve mode styfor users.

Waste from the portable 4 bay pee pod urinal sits in a bottom holding tank which needs to be emptied as it fills up, but this is the only service required. However for large events by ‘daisy chaining’ the units together waste can be diverted to a single Tuff tank. The tuff tank can then be emptied remotely, away from the pee pods and less often too. This leaves the pee pods in constant use without having to empty each 4 person unit.

Registered Waste Carriers

If you are having any waste collected from your site it is your responsibility to ensure you use a registered waste carrier and receive a legally required Waste transfer note.

We are registered waste carriers (CBDU55139) and will provide you with an electronic Waste transfer note for every job we perform and ensure that your waste is taken to a registered treatment works.

Job Watch System

All D-tox staff use the Job Watch system where all jobs and vehicles are tracked and monitored on a real time basis. This ensures we keep our customers fully informed of any updates to their jobs as and when they happen.

Customers will receive Electronic Proof of completion including photographs as soon as jobs have been completed as long as we have a working email address


We cover your sanitation needs across the Midlands including Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire, Cheshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

We are professional and fast-moving business, so our planning and routing software is hard at work all day scheduling tomorrow’s workloads for our drivers to satisfy your orders and give them manageable, efficient and fuel-effective driving directions.

D-tox  take pride in going the extra mile to help our customers but we ask you to kindly understand that the degree of planning required to allocate all our driving resources means that we have a cut off time of 3pm for all orders that need to be completed the following day.

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