Construction Site Hire Advice

D-tox Group have over 25 years’ experience in providing toilets to Construction sites and other long term hire sites, so we have listed a few points that are worth considering to help make your hire experience a little better, whoever you chose to hire from.

Use a Registered Waste Carrier
It is your legal responsibility to ensure that any waste removed from your site is taken by a registered waste carrier. You should receive a Waste Transfer Note for every collection.
Order enough toilets
One toilet will meet the needs of 7 people who are working a 40 hour week. If you increase the number of people at site or the hours worked you should also increase the number of toilets. If in doubt ask your supplier for advice. These parameters being those defined by British Standard BS6465-1: 2006 for site toilet welfare.
Think carefully about positioning
Portable toilets need to be emptied and cleaned once a week. Where you put the toilets will affect how easily they can be accessed by the service company. For your own benefit you should put the toilets in the most accessible areas on site. This means considering ground conditions, where vehicles are parking/off loading and other factors that may lead to the toilets becoming inaccessible.
Do not use bleach in the toilet
Chemical toilets are not the same as standard flushing toilets. They remain sanitary due to Chemicals in the tank that work to keep germs and odours at a minimum, adding bleach or other chemicals to the tank will inhibit the chemicals from doing their job.
If you move it tell the Hire Company
If you happen to be moving around whilst working and want to take the toilet with you most Toilet Hire companies will not have any issues with that. However, if they do not know where it is they will not be able to supply you with a weekly service. So a quick phone call or email should make sure your toilet keeps getting cleaned.
Build a good relationship with the service driver
You may see the guy that turns up to clean the toilet as a pain in your neck, because he is asking for cars to be moved and making a noise when his pump is running and your all eating breakfast, but without him your toilets would not be usable in a weeks’ time.  Understand that he is doing a difficult job and if you help him out when he is on site he is more likely to help you out when the need arises. It is a good idea to swap contact details so you can liaise with the driver to solve access issues or other problems before he arrives at site for the weekly service.
Know what's included in your service
Different Toilet companies will service and clean toilets in different ways but if you are not happy with the service then speak to them to find out what you should be receiving every week. For example listed below are the main elements of a D-tox Group weekly Service.
Empty and refill waste tank
Clean and disinfect toilet interior
Clean floor
Fill sink if required
Replace toilet rolls