Event Hire Advice

Planning an event and need to organise temporary toilet facilities? We have put together a few bits of advice gathered from our 25 years of experience that may be of use to you.

Book early
You are more likely to get better rates as you will have more suppliers to choose from and they will all have available stock. If you leave it until close to your event, especially during busy months, stock may be limited and you could end up paying higher charges or worse still, not be able to find a supplier with any toilets  in stock.
Use a reputable company
The last thing you want on the day of your event is issues with your onsite toilets. When booking, look for companies with a proven track record. You can source reputable suppliers from the PSE (Portable Sanitation Europe Ltd) website. CLICK HERE.
Ask for advice
If you choose a reputable company then they will be more than happy to advise you on what you will need at your event. They can advise how many toilets you will need, whether they will require emptying during the event and where they should be sited. The Purple guide which contains industry standard guidance on correct toilet numbers for events. CLICK HERE.
Follow the guidance given
All reputable toilet suppliers will know how many toilets you require dependent on your attendance figures and other factors and they will not over estimate. If you choose to save money by ordering less then your event will suffer due to poor facilities.
Ensure and maintain access to the toilets
This is especially important if you are having the toilets emptied  and cleaned regularly. It is always best to site the toilets where the toilet companies' vehicles can get access to them. Most companies will not deliver with 4x4 vehicles so muddy fields and wet grass can often create big problems for access. This can often be solved by strategic siting of the toilets and/or using trackway on site to keep the ground safe.
Servicing and cleaning
The best way to provide top class toilets for your guests is to ensure they are maintained and cleaned throughout the time at the event. This will not be necessary for most single day events but for multi day events it is definitely worth talking to your toilet hire company about.
Have you requested lighting in the toilets? Many plastic portable toilets will not have inside lights and instead let in ambient light through the translucent roofs. If your event is taking place at night you will need to request lighting to be supplied or arrange some yourself.
Ask about Urinals
If your event has a large amount of men attending ask your suppliers about urinals. One urinal will take the place of 4 toilets and will cost much less to hire. They also cut down on queues for the toilets as they are much quicker to use.
Keep consumables stocked
Ask the supplier what consumables they will be supplying. Will the toilets have hand sanitiser and hand towels? What type of toilet rolls will they take? How much will they supply? If you are planning a big event you may wish to supply your own consumables but either way don’t forget to think about the roll rolls!
Use a Registered Waste Carrier
It is your responsibility to ensure your waste is removed by a registered company so feel free to ask to see the Waste Carrier License of the toilet hire company.
Are the toilets insured for damage costs by the hire company or do they expect you to pay for any damages? Make sure you know how much a stolen or damaged toilet will cost and who will be responsible for the costs before you hire.