Above ground effluent/waste water storage tank.
Available in 500, 750 and 1000 gallon sizes
Strong durable but also lightweight compared to steel tanks.
Linkable to create larger sizes if required.
Level alarms available to inform user when emptying is required
"What can I say... D-tox Group provide us with an AMAZING service from start to finish. I never have any complaints at all from any of my customers. Please pass onto all the team a BIG THANK YOU from me for all there hard work".
Sam Cuff - Travis Perkins Birmingham Central
"An outstanding, reliable and competitively priced service".
Steve Dallas - Hire Manager, Travis Perkins
"Thank you for the service levels that D-tox Group are providing. The service at B23 was a prime example. I have always provided service above price and it has been a long time since we have received service to the standards that we like to give ourselves. Keep up the good work!".
Mel Gould - Managing Director, Reactive Hire Ltd
"Very professional and reliable, something in events that is very important. The equipment is always of high standard and the service level has always been excellent. I recommend anyone in using D-tox Group for their temporary toilet accommodation".
Paul Madders - Events Depot & Technical Services Manager, Birmingham City Council
"Very friendly and helpful staff who provide a quality, reliable service time and time again. There is a reason we’re regular customers!"
Brodie Shanks - Depot Manager, Aldridge Events
"Our Company has dealt with D-tox Group for a good many years. The staff in their office are always polite and the service we receive is always first class. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to future clients".
John Igoe - Kendrick

Effluent/Waste Tank Specifications*

Tank Name
Mini Tuff Tank 160
Tuff Tank 500
Tuff Tank 750
Tuff Tank 1000
292 - 300cm / 115 - 118"
300cm / 118"
300cm / 118"
Dry Weight
120 - 140 kg / 264 - 308 lbs
180 kg / 396 lbs
220 kg / 484 lbs
Wet Weight*
765 kg/1686 lbs
2413kg / 5309lbs
3590 kg / 7898 lbs
4766 kg / 10485 lbs
727 L/160 glns
2273 L / 500glns
3410 L / 750glns
4546 L / 1000glns
* Subject to minor variation. Not all toilet units are exactly the same.
  • Waste capture under toilet blocks on temporary sites
  • Waste storage at events
  • Grey water from shower blocks
  • Water from kitchen waste
  • Any other liquid storage 
  • Built in lifting handles, sling points and forklift slots to enable moving
  • 2 x 12" waste access hatches allow easy access for waste emptying
  • 2 x 5" waste inlet ports allow connection to 4” waste outlets from toilets / showers / canteens etc.
  • will not corrode - no matter how long they are in use. Unsightly rust is a thing of the past
  • Lighter than steel tanks (120-140 kgs compared with 420 kgs for a 500 gallon tank)
  • Optional level monitoring devices available – don’t be caught out by overflowing waste
  • WARNING Tank Should not be buried – it is designed for above ground use
  • WARNING Tank should only be moved when completely empty

Delivered and sited by D-tox trained staff.

Please be aware We will not make any connections to your site you will need to arrange this yourselves.

We can arrange a regular empty of the waste tank using our own tanker fleet or we can attend site as and when you require an empty, call our hire desk to arrange Contact us

Other Products/services

What size waste tank do you need?

This is a difficult question to answer as it is dependent on a lot of different factors but a key thing to remember is that the main cost associated with a tank will be the emptying of it and it will be cheaper in the long run if you have a larger waste tank at site. 

However you may be limited by space and our largest 1000 gallon tank is much taller than the 500 gallon so that is also a consideration.

Most sites find that a 500-gallon tank is a good solution to capture waste from a toilet block as long as the levels are monitored and a regular empty is carried out.

Why Plastic tanks rather than steel ?

  • They will not corrode - no matter how long they are in use. Leaking rusty tanks are a thing of the past
  • They are much lighter than steel tanks (120-140 kgs compared with 420 kgs for a500-gallon tank)
  • Lighter Tanks reduce environmental impact: by reducing fuel use in transport
  • You can Deliver and position Plastic Tuff Tanks with far less effort, heavy equipment and expense than steel tanks
  • Plastic Tuff Tanks are easy to clean and maintain a hygienic image

Registered Waste Carriers

If you are having any waste collected from your site it is your responsibility to ensure you use a registered waste carrier and receive a legally required Waste transfer note. 

We are registered waste carriers (CBDU55139) and will provide you with an electronic Waste transfer note for every job we perform and ensure that your waste is taken to a registered treatment works.

Job Watch System

All D-tox staff use the Job Watch system where all jobs and vehicles are tracked and monitored on a real time basis. This ensures we keep our customers fully informed of any updates to their jobs as and when they happen.

Customers will receive Electronic Proof of completion including photographs as soon as jobs have been completed as long as we have a working email address


We cover your sanitation needs across the Midlands including Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire, Cheshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

We are professional and fast-moving business, so our planning and routing software is hard at work all day scheduling tomorrow’s workloads for our drivers to satisfy your orders and give them manageable, efficient and fuel-effective driving directions.

D-tox  take pride in going the extra mile to help our customers but we ask you to kindly understand that the degree of planning required to allocate all our driving resources means that we have a cut off time of 3pm for all orders that need to be completed the following day.
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