Our Ethos

We understand that D-tox has a diverse staff and we all have a wide range of differing personalities and attitudes. However, as a company we try and promote the following values and do what we can to ensure they are embraced by our team.


This is a big one. We value honesty from others and encourage it from within.
  • We don’t over promise and under deliver
  • We don’t lie when things go wrong
  • We are human so mistakes will happen, when they do, own your mistakes


  • We want to develop lasting relationships with everyone we work with. Customers, suppliers, collaborators and colleagues.
  • We understand that ending relationships for solely financial reasons does not always make good business sense
  • We understand the value of mutual respect and understanding
  • We understand that apologising does not always mean we are wrong; it just means that we value relationships more than our ego


  • Its not fair to expect others to do what you are unwilling to do yourself
  • Its not fair to expect people to accept what you are unwilling to accept yourself
  • We play by the rules
  • We don’t try and shift the blame onto someone else


  • We were started by and are still owned by the same family
  • During the life of our company we have created another ever growing family at work
  • We understand that our work family is made up of people who all have their own real family’s and that they will always put their real family first


  • We don’t say we can do it if we can’t
  • We make sure we deliver what we said we would and at the right time
  • If there’s a problem about to stop us delivering on our promises, then we fix it
  • If we can’t fix the problem then its time to be honest and tell whoever we are letting down that we are sorry
  • We learn from our mistakes and try to make sure they don’t happen again