October 18, 2019

Portable Toilet Hire Cost: A Complete Price Breakdown

Believe it or not, we get asked this question quite a bit. Overall, the cost to rent a portable toilet is quite affordable and justifiable to provide the required sanitation services guests will expect. In some cases, it can also be a legal requirement to provide adequate toilet facilities.

Portable toilet hire is perfect for events, constructions sites or if you're hosting a party and wish for guests to have an extra toilet to use. Prices for portable toilet hire can vary quite a bit, and there are a lot of factors that influence prices.

If you're not sure on how many portable toilets you need to hire, you can use our portable toilet hire calculator to work out how many you need.

What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Portable Toilet?

On average you'll be looking at £20-£25 per week to hire a portable toilet. The final answer to how much it costs depends on a few variables:

1.      Type of toilet required

2.      Length of rental

3.      Amount of toilets required

4.      Amount of services required 

5.      Transport costs

All the above will have a direct impact on the cost of hiring a portable toilet. 

There will be a difference in price for hiring standard portable toilets compared to hiring disabled toilets. 

Whatever toilet you need or however long you need it for we have portable toilet hire solutions for all budgets and events.

You may be able to get a slightly better rate depending on how many toilets you are hiring.

Long Term Toilet Hire

If you're looking for a portaloo hire cost for construction sites please contact us. Depending on the length of your project and hire will influence the cost of hire.

Weekly service

As part of your portable toilet hire a weekly service could be standard. This is something to definitely check if your hiring portable toilets on a long term basis. Construction sites especially need to ensure this is part of the hire agreement and services provided.

Potential Additional Charges

Delivery & Set Up

All our toilets are delivered and collected by D-tox Personnel. The units will be offloaded, sited and positioned for you. If your event is outside of the chosen suppliers standard coverage area there may be an additional charge here. Be sure to also ask about the collection of your portable toilets.

Cleaning & Maintenance

We offer a guaranteed weekly service included in our pricing. However, if the portable toilets you have hired will be subject to excessive use this may need to be increased. An additional service charge will be added.


Toiletries and sanitary supplies are normally free or included in the delivery of the unit. Again however, if the toilets are subject to high usage these may need to be restocked. This could incur an extra cost depending on the service provider. 


Just as you put down a deposit on renting a flat or a car some portable toilet suppliers will require a deposit to protect their units. This is especially common when the toilets are being used at construction sites of festivals. Normally this cost can range between 10% and 15% of the total rental costs. The waiver protects the customers if the units are accidentally damaged.

The waiver fee is not refundable and does not cover units that are lost or stolen.

Portable toilets can upwards of thousands of pounds per unit, so it's understandable any supplier will wish to protect them.


As mentioned above a weekly service may be included in your portable toilet hire agreement. In some instances, for large events, projects or construction sites you may need this to be more frequent. As such you can expect prices to be slightly more expensive for multiples services.

Portable Toilet Hire Cost FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Portable Toilet For One Night?

You might find it hard trying to find a company will do this. Most of the time there is a minimum hire duration. In the UK this is normally 2 weeks. The portable toilet can be returned within this period, even after the first night. However, you will still be charged the full amount based on the minimum hire duration.

Again depending on the type of portable toilet you (hot wash, luxury etc) are hiring will influence the cost.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Portable Toilet For One Day?

Again similar to the above you may struggle to find a hire company that will provide a quote just for one day. This is where minimum hire duration comes into play, so if you're getting prices from multiple potential vendors be sure to ask this question.

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