December 27, 2019

Portable Toilet Sizes & Dimensions Explained

The secret to a great event or a successful construction project is planning. Right down to the minor details. You’ve considered site access, the materials you need, security measures and even hydration points, but what about sanitation? Do you know how many portable toilets you need to hire? Where should you place your portable toilets? And how much space will this all take?

When it comes to ensuring the proper sanitation, there are a number of things to consider. How many people will be at the event? Do you need changing facilities on your construction site?

Because the Devil is in the detail, we’ve put together this handy guide on portable toilet dimensions. This will help you understand the space required to host the number of toilets you need based on the site requirements.

What are the dimensions of a portable toilet?

Below we breakdown the standard dimensions of the portable toilets we offer for hire.

Standard Portable Toilet

 The most common portable toilet and the one you’ll be most familiar with if you’ve ever attended a festival. This toilet can take the strain of multiple uses at an event or on a construction site. It comprises of hand wash facilities and a flushing toilet.

If you’re running 3-day festival, you’re going to be needing a number of these portable toilets. You may also require these on a construction site, alongside shower and changing units.

To ensure you make the best use of space, its important to note the dimensions. For a standard portable toilet, these are quite narrow and can easily be placed in rows.

Standard Portable Toilet Dimensions

Disabled Portable Toilet

 As well as standard portable toilets, to adhere to regulations on whatever site you have, you need to ensure adequate disabled facilities. Disabled toilets can serve a dual purpose on site, as in addition to wheelchair users they can double-up as a place for baby changing. These toilets provide much more space in a pleasant environment.

As you’d expect, the dimensions of a disabled portable toilet are that much larger than a standard portable toilet, so ensure you factor this into your planning. Whilst you won’t need as many, you still need to ensure your site plan includes these facilities.

Disabled Portable Toilet Dimensions

Portable Urinals

When running an event, you can ease pressure on the waiting times for portaloos by offering strategically located urinals for males.

One urinal pod can host 4 males at a time, meaning you saves pace and your event runs more efficiently. You can even build urinals up together. They link, meaning you can create a row of urinals and save even more space.

As well as the dimension of the urinal itself, you will also need to make provisions for screens and a separate location for the urinals.

Portable Urinal Dimensions

Water Bowsers

For events or sites that are off the grid and don’t have mains power, you’ll likely need a water bowser. This can provide your sanitation pods, like portable toilets and shower units, with the water they require.


Ensuring you assign space for the adequate number of portable toilets, shower units, urinals and any other sanitation blocks required is crucial to a successful event or construction project.

At D-tox, our expert advisers can help you identify the correct number of toilets you need for your requirements. With over 25 years’ experience, we know what it takes to deliver outstanding sanitation facilities, whatever your event or project.

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