August 1, 2022

Does your toilet supplier service your toilet during bank holidays?

In a previous blog we spoke about the importance of a regular weekly toilet service and how this is necessary to keep your toilet clean, fresh and sanitary for use. The standard portable toilet is designed for use by no more than 7 people working no more than a 40-hour working week, but this figure assumes that the toilet is being serviced once a week by a professional servicing company.

If the flush tank is not emptied and the waste is allowed to keep building up then the chemical in the tank will become overwhelmed and will no longer be able to do its job leading to bacterial growth and an increase in germs and nasty odours in the toilet.

This applies whether it is a standard portable toilet hire, a wheelchair access portable toilet, or a hot wash toilet, they all require a similar weekly toilet service.

So now that we understand the importance of the weekly toilet service let’s talk about what happens on those weeks when there is a bank holiday.  

The Challenge

Most toilet service drivers will service somewhere between 15-30 toilets a day depending on how far apart they are and they will do this every day of the week from Monday to Friday. They tend to have set routes each day and so most toilets get serviced on the same day each week.

When there is a bank holiday the company has 2 choices, they can either choose to carry on working and visit the toilets that would normally be visited, or they can let their drivers have the bank holiday off.  

If they work the bank holiday the chances are that many sites they visit will be closed, so that means the toilets cannot be serviced that week.  

If they choose to take the bank holiday off, then all the toilets on the route will not be visited that day and will miss the required service. It would be very unlikely that a driver can fit 5 days of work into the remaining 4 days so it will lead to missed services.

When we first started cleaning toilets in the 1990s, back when Blur and Oasis were at war, we noticed this problem and bank holiday weeks always created issues.  

The Solution

If we worked the bank holidays we couldn’t get onto a lot of sites and the customers then expected us to return the next day, and if we took the day off it was impossible to get the toilets serviced in the 4 remaining weekdays so again, we ended up missing services.

The answer was to start working a longer day but from Monday to Thursday, leaving Fridays free.

Instead of planning 8 hour routes we created 10 hour routes for our drivers so they got 40 hours of servicing done in 4 days. This led to a free day on Fridays so when there was a bank holiday, we just pushed the service routes back one day, so everyone got their service done but a day later than usual.

This has worked well over the years and is the system we continue to use to this day. Our drivers get Fridays off if they have completed all their routes and customers do not get missed services when we have bank holiday weeks.

This is one of the changes we have implemented over the years that allow us to offer our weekly service guarantee, so as long as you leave us access to your toilet, we guarantee to service it every week.

The Offer

So if your toilets normally get serviced on a Monday and you find that every time there is a bank holiday your service company is letting you down give D-tox a call and we can help you out.

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