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October 6, 2022

Planning and Delivery - The Hi Tech Approach to Savvy Logistics

We take time to plan and deliver our services routes

Never underestimate the power of good scheduling! Optimising travel routes doesn’t just move people and products from one place to another, it gives people back financial choices, and environmentally sustainable choices. Good scheduling, for a standard portable toilet delivery for example, gives back to people their most valuable asset – their time. That’s time to spend on another project, time to travel somewhere else or time simply tocross something off their to do list.

Our  logistics planning software is designed to makes savings for everyone.

We use software called BigChange that enables us to schedule jobs and transport routes for many drivers at once. This smart job scheduling allows us to plan our jobs so that they are clustered together, this ensures that no time and fuel is wasted by making needless journeys up and down the region. This joined up thinking ensures that we can keep our prices low due to the economies we make, and our time is well used without 'dead time’ taking up valuable space in our working day or that in our customers day either.

Live tracking makes us able to watch every job as it happens, improving our communications with you.

As part of the Big change software we can use live tracking. This means we have complete visibility over our vehicles and drivers whilst they complete a non-potable water fill in Shrewsbury or a septic tank empty in Buxton. What this means is we can act quickly in response to urgent jobs such as an emergency portable toilet empty for example. For our customers this means we can keep you update to date with our arrival on site or let you know if road conditions, weather or traffic snarl ups are affecting our arrival.

Saving petrol and saving time.

Rising petrol prices are a concern for all business that have travel and transport as part of their daily routine. Our software allows us to plot our jobs to ensure optimum petrol and time savings are prioritised.

We can send proof of your delivery /service /off hire directly to your inbox

We can provide Proof of Delivery (POD), or proof of service straight to your inbox with digital time stamped images form your site. You will receive an automated job confirmation as soon as the work is completed so you can be sure not only that your job has been completed, but completed to a high standard.


Sometimes it’s not always convenient for our customers if we arrive too early for to a job, particularly if we are visiting a residential area, or we need to coordinate with a site representative to gain access to your site. So, timing our calls to fit in with our customers' needs is vital. If customers request us to be there before or after a certain time, we can accommodate this in their driver’s route with prior notice, so we can pre plan our journey to you stress free.

Environmentally friendly

Our system requires no paperwork! From booking, confirmation, scheduling, and job completion confirmation – this is all done through our easy to use software and email. For our customers. this means no sign off paperwork - so no signature required, no paper delivery notes to file, just a fully accountable electronic confirmation system that you can fully track your job with us from start to finish.


We provide our drivers with a step by step walk through of health and safety requirements to keep themselves, your employees and their surroundings safe. Again this is all done online as each driver completes a health and safety compliance check list which allows us to simplify our procedures. This ensures jobs are done correctly to health and safety standards and evidenced appropriately.

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Jeannie Hoddinott

Jeannie has copywritten blogs for many years in several industries including sustainable transport, health, the charity sector and sanitation.
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