February 1, 2023

5 reasons to use D-tox, the Portable Sanitation Specialists -

Masters of secretions or waste whizzes

We have many names, and we know what we're doing.

Ensuring you have access to a loo at all times can be tricky. Especially if you’re in the middle of a camping field, construction site or any remote location. That’s why getting a professional company in, like D-tox, is essential for ensuring your number ones and twos are in safe (and glove covered, hygienic) hands.

We are experts in our field because we specialise in portable sanitation. For many companies it is just an add on and their expertise is in other areas but for us this is our main area of concern.

Since our inception we have been supplying portable toilets and dealing with your wet waste from construction sites or private residences, we haven’t expanded into other areas and this has meant we have kept our focus.

This means we only have one area to care about and that is giving our customers the best levels of service we can.

We are poop professionals

Our staff, whether delivering, collecting or servicing, are trained to specialised industry standards with

·       National Sanitation Qualifications(NSQ) from Portable Sanitation Europe (PSE)

·       Certificate of Professional Confidence (CPC) compliance

·       All of our staff adhere to recognised industry standard Codes of Practice

So serious about sewage

It’s not just anyone who can dispose of your bodily waste, it’s a complex business, that’s why:

·       D-tox hold a waste transfer licence and license to discharge

·       D-tox are Environment Agency Approved Registered Waste Carriers.

We will ensure any effluent waste is captured and disposed of correctly to industry standards whilst ensuring your toilets are cleansed and sanitised ready for reusing. Additionally, if your toilet hire with us is for a week or longer, we will guarantee a weekly clean for your units.

We're experts in excretions

We’ve  been doing this work for nearly 30 years. Some of our drivers have been with us for over 20 of those years. Our  small, dedicated team will get to know you personally because you’re not just a number to us. By understanding your needs we can suitably support you, and as your needs change, we can change with you.

Super techie routing by professional anoraks

We spent a lot of time on the road covering a large area of the Midlands and beyond, so getting the planning right is super important to us. It’s not just about saving money (although this is important as we can pass these savings on to you) but environmentally, we want to make sure we’re doing our bit to keep our carbon foot print down. That’s why we use specialist routing software to give us a fuel and time efficient service.

We also use JobWatch by BigChange which allows us to monitor and improve our drivers’ performance and additionally trace their daily progress. Not only that, but if your designated site contact isn’t there to see us, provided we can still access where we need to go , we can provide you with time stamped evidence of our service by email to you. Our proof of delivery / service is also done electronically so if our driver is in Cheltenham whilst you’re in Scunthorpe, no problem, - you'll receive the job details instantly.


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Jeannie Hoddinott

Jeannie has copywritten blogs for many years in several industries including sustainable transport, health, the charity sector and sanitation.
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