October 21, 2021

Best Practices for Easy Hand Hygiene

What are portable hand washing sinks?

If you want to help people keep their hands clean whilst they’re at your site, this is a safe and cost-efficient way to do so. Portable handwashing stations are designed to work without traditional plumbing hook ups.  Our two person sinks are capable of holding up to 22 gallons (100 litres) of clean non-potable water. D-tox’s portable handwashing sinks makes it possible to keep hands clean and sanitised no matter the setting.

There are many things to consider such as logistics, numbers and environment. Our handy event hire advice page May help you too.

Who can use them?

There are many uses for portable sinks, whether indoor or outdoor, they have huge scope for supporting good hand sanitisation.

In schools, churches, and public buildings. If positioned near the entrance, they can provide a way for people to clean their hands upon arrival and exit.

Factory floors, offices, leisure centres, outdoor sporting or music events, historical buildings could all benefit too – the list goes on.

If you are also looking for additional toilet facilities and don’t know where to start check out our portable toilet hire blog.

What do you do when you need hand washing facilities and hand gel sanitisers simply won’t meet your needs?

A portable sink is a useful addition to your space. It allows the people around you to keep their hands clean with peace of mind. Once you hire a portable sink, there are best practices to get the best use for your needs. You can also follow us on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter for more useful hints and tips.

Keep it Topped up

Whether you’re inside or outside, it isn’t easy to constantly run inside to restock items, particularly if you have a long walk back to the stock cupboard. Our  twin sinks for holds 100 litres of water so ensuring a full tank first thing will set you up for the day. We also hire water bowsers so you can have a 1000 litres of water on tap should you need it.  

Depending on how busy you are, you may wish to have a designated colleague who can check regularly and make top ups (if necessary.) You can also arrange for a weekly top up with us if this is easier for you

Many portable sinks come with soap dispensers, even if your area isn’t that big, water and soap get used frequently. The remedy to this is to make sure your portable sink soap dispenser is fully stocked at the beginning of the day, with regular checks on your soap levels and extra stock nearby if needed. The same applies to any portable toilets you may hire, check soap or antibac dispensers and toilet roll!

Checking the stock at the beginning or end of the day is crucial, but we would suggest checks during high-traffic times too. Checking your inventory during high-traffic times is essential, especially If you have staff, customers or visitors handling food. So, full stock with plenty of checks, particularly during high traffic times will keep everyone happy.

Daily Care is Essential

Your portable sink is built with high-quality materials to withstand typical outdoor conditions. It’s still essential to provide daily care and cleaning to your outdoor portable sink.  

Wipe down any excess water on the sink.

Disinfect your portable sink at least once a day. It’s wise to disinfect the sink surfaces after a large crowd too, such as after those high traffic times.

Protect the portable sink from harsh weather, if used outside. Your sink is built to handle normal outdoor conditions. That said, be sure to check your sink when you’re expecting very low temperatures to prevent the water pipes freezing

Ensure the sink’s water tank is filled and the waste water tank is emptied to prevent damage to the pump.

Do you have the right number of sinks?

If you’re planning an event or gathering with many people planning to attend, you should consider the number of sinks you have. It’s a good idea to consider the location of your portable sinks too. Are they on flat ground? Do they have easy access or are they in a hard-to-reach corner? How easy will it be for you to check and refill?

The last thing you want to occur in the middle of a busy campsite or lunch hour at a food stall is a long line of people waiting to wash their hands. People may see the crowd and just opt out of washing their hands or become impatient. Plan out your space ahead of time to strategically place the portable sinks for handwashing. Place them near food and drink stations, messy projects, and toilets. Are they:


Well signposted?

Easy to access?

Easy to empty?

Do you have additional stock nearby? (soap, paper towels)

If you’re unsure what portable sinks you need for your event or facility, reach out to our team. We are happy to help you determine the number of hand washing stations are suitable for your event and how many you need to be successful.

Portable sinks are excellent additions to your event, facility, or job site. Your staff and guests will truly be thankful for the opportunity to clean their hands and jump right back into their activities.

Jeannie Hoddinott

Jeannie has copywritten blogs for many years in several industries including sustainable transport, health, the charity sector and sanitation.
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