November 19, 2023

Essential Tips For Maintaining Portable Toilets In Winter

Winter Survival For Your Portable Toilet

When it comes to ensuring the survival of your portable toilet during the winter, there are a few key steps you can take. After all, if you have a workforce who are braving the cold to get the job done, or visitors coming to your event, then they need sanitation facilities that are accessible, in good working order and won’t let them down when they are needed the most. So below are a few handy tips which could help to ensure your portable toilets stay useable and comfortable.

1.     Location, Location Location… Of Your Portable Toilet.

Firstly, avoid placing your portable toilet in an exposed area where it may be subjected to strong winds, heavy snowfall or other extremes of weather. As with any type of building, temporary or permanent , the longer your toilet is subjected to harsh weather the more likely you are to sustain damage, or in extreme cases your toilet could even tip over.  If your toilet does tip over - follow our blog tips here.

However this is an extreme situation, but to avoid this from happening, try to position your portable toilet against a wall, outbuilding or another sheltered area - if possible. This will provide some protection from the elements. This is not always feasible if, for example, you are working on a construction site with no other buildings or holding an event in an open field. After all, you can only work with what you have, whether that is a hedge line, large tree or barn. Whatever extra shelter you can provide will made a difference to your portable toilet's survival through the coldest and harshest UK weather.

2.     Use Sunlight To Add Warmth 

Another helpful tip to keep your portable toilet useable and as warm as possible is to place it in direct sun light. Sun rays will help to keep the unit warmer, preventing any freezing or damage due to extreme cold temperatures. However, be mindful that excessive exposure to sunlight can also cause fading or deterioration of the unit, so the need to strike a balance is essential. Sun rays can also helps to warm the toilet seat before use!

3.     Avoid Slips And Trips On Your Pathways

Additionally, it's essential to take precautions to prevent slips and falls around your portable toilet during icy conditions. One way to do this is by spreading salt or sand on the surrounding ground, as this will provide traction and reduce the risk of accidents.  The same can be said for heavy rain causing boggy areas around the toilet area. Lay down wood, straw or other materials that can soak up water to ensure you have a better chance of reaching and using your portable toilets safely when you need to go.

4.  Let It Snow – But Not On Your Portable Toilets 

If it snows, and the likelihood is that it will at some point between October and April, it is crucial to remove the excess snow from the portable toilet as soon as possible. The weight of accumulated snow can exert a considerable amount of pressure, potentially causing the unit’s sides or roof to collapse or even for the whole unit to tip over. Use a broom or shovel to help remove excess snow to ensure the safety of your employees / visitors and also to protect the longevity of your portable toilet. Regularly clearing the snow will help to maintain the structural integrity and stability of the portable toilet throughout the winter season.

5. Ensure your Portable Toilet Servicing Can Take Place.

If you have a toilet service included in your portable toilet hire, all of the above tips will also be invaluable to ensure your toilet clean takes place. Your service driver will need clear access to your portable toilet to ensure it can be emptied and cleaned properly. If your site is not accessible (behind locked gates or the toilet has been built around or is in an off-road boggy area), then this could delay or even result in your service not taking place. Similarly if your toilet is stuck behind a wall of snow or impassable muddy driveway, then servicing may not be completed. Read our blog: Portable Toilet Servicing: Are Your Accessible?

By following these steps - sheltering the unit, positioning it strategically, taking precautions for icy conditions, and promptly removing excess snow as well as ensuring servicing can take place - you can make certain that your portable toilet remains intact and operational throughout the winter months.

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