October 3, 2022

What Happens When A Toilet Tips Over?

Ok, let me start by saying this blog is more about how we as a company will respond to a tipped over toilet and not what happens to the toilet itself.

That question is easy to answer, it makes a big mess!!

But if you are unfortunate enough to have had a toilet onsite tip over due to high winds or any other issues then this blog should give you an idea of how to proceed.

What's the damage?

If you are lucky, the toilet may have fallen on it's back and may not have been very full. If this is the case, then if you push it back up the right way, there may not be any spillage and you could possibly continue using the toilet without any issues.

It is more likely though that there will be a spillage of waste from the toilet tank and is this is the case it is very unlikely that the interior of the toilet cabin will be left unaffected. In worst case scenarios the toilet interior will be heavily soiled and will not be able to be used safely until thoroughly cleaned down.

If the toilet is not particularly dirty and only has a small amount of spillage it is possible that it can be cleaned up during the weekly portable toilet service. But if you cannot wait until the weekly visit is due, or think the toilet is too dirty to be cleaned on site then please call our offices on 0800 999 2260 to arrange for a specific visit.

To assess if the toilet could be cleaned during a weekly service, just consider if you would be happy to clean up the mess with just a sponge and bucket of water, if the answer is yes, then chances are our weekly service driver will clean this up no problems.

But if looking inside makes you feel nauseous and you want to run and hide behind the sofa, then it is going to be too dirty for a weekly service to rectify. So, if this is the case just call our Hire desk and we'll arrange a visit.

Our Hire Desk will need to know if it is just the toilet that needs cleaning or the surrounding area and then they will send a service vehicle to site to swap the tipped over unit for a nice clean one and clean up any spillage left at site if necessary.

Thorough cleansing off site

We do not clean tipped over units at site as it takes a fair amount of time with a pressure wash to do the job correctly and can leave the surrounding area in a bigger mess. It is much better that we clean your unit back on our yard where we have all the necessary equipment and a dedicated wash bay with drainage in place.

On a similar note, if you have previously laughed at people tipping over festival toilets or worse still tipped one over yourself, be aware that doing so has serious consequences for contaminating the ground with effluent waste. If someone is inside the toilet as the time, this is even more dangerous as this experience could leave them, physically hurt and seriously ill from a number of gastric illnesses.

It may seem hilarious at the time but the health risks for the victim and the impact it has for the clean-up crews are not in the least bit amusing.

So if you’re unlucky enough to have a toilets that tips over, get in contact and we’ll sort it out proficiently and quickly.

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