September 6, 2022

What You Need To know About Non Potable Water Delivery

Non-Potable Water Delivery and Costs

‍If you need water at a location where mains connection isn’t available, then you’ll end up searching the internet looking for a supplier to provide this for you. You certainly have many questions about storage, amounts, accessibility, refills and of course costs. So, we’ll try to break this down for you to make the process as user friendly as possible.


You may already have your own storage barrel or bowser that you wish us to fill. That’s fine with us. But if you haven’t got that sorted yet, then we can supply 1000 litre bowsers (219.9 Gallons), with or without on demand pumps that can provide main water pressure. The bowsers are also fully linkable should you need to connect them up for a more sustained supply.

How much non potable water can you deliver?

This really depends on your requirements and how often it is needed. We can deliver up to 500 gallons (2273 litres) to you in one go. But we can make multiple trips to you to deliver more water as needed.

What sort of access is needed?

We will need to get as close as possible to where the water is being stored with our vehicle to ensure our driver can reach your non-potable water storage container. We carry long lengths of piping for this need, but clearly the closer we are, the smoother the operation of filling will be. If you are a new customer, or have a site we have not been to before, we can carry out a free site visit beforehand to establish accessibility.

What will happen during the site visit?

We’ll ensure they are no hazards or other issues with accessing your location -such as farm buildings, muddy lanes or narrow gates and driveways. This will also ensure that we provide the right size vehicle for accessibility. Do we need to come through a locked gate or barrier? Will there be someone on site to let us in? There are all questions we can discuss with you, either in person on the site visit, or over the phone so your delivery goes as smoothly as possible.

How often can you refill my non potable water?

We will discuss your needs with you, your storage capacity, how much you are likely to use, to gauge how often you will need a delivery. If things change and you need more or less than you thought, simply give us a call so we can adjust our schedule for you.

What costs are involved?

We now have online forms available for you to fill in your needs. Based on this, we can give you an accurate quote which is broken down into:

* Water volume

* Bowser / and or pump hire ( if needed)

* Delivery charge - this covers our fuel, vehicle use, plus our driver’s time on site to carry out the delivery. You can view our delivery zones on our locations page.

Please make sure we can access the site as if we arrive to make your delivery and we cannot access the site due to blocked access, you will still be charged for the call out.

Give our team a call and talk to us about non potable water delivery and water storage.

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