June 2, 2022

5 Questions Answered About Non-Potable Water

1) What is potable and non potable water?

Potable water is stored water that is suitable for human consumption. This means is can be drank, but it can also be used for washing kitchen dishes, and cutlery etc. Potable water is classed as any water that comes into contact with human skin.

Non-potable water is classed as non drinking water due to how it is stored. Non Potable Water delivery with D-tox comes from a drinking water source but is bought to you in a tanker that is not classed as suitable for potable water. However the water we deliver has lots of uses.


2) Why would you need non potable water?

There are lots of uses for non potable water such as:

·      Toilet flushing (when mains water is not feasible) such as outdoor music events, shows and festivals for toilet flushing

·      Irrigation for agricultural /allotment purposes or sporting venues

·      Dust suppression or cement mixing on construction,  civil or engineering projects

·      Vehicle washing at commercial and industrial locations

·      Ballast for barriers highway projects

·      In industry for evaporative cooling

·      Home Builds, extensions and renovations

·      General public - ground and yard cleaning


3) Can you be sure you can access my location to deliver?

We can carry out a site visit to your location to ensure we can access your storage tank. If you do not have one available, we can hire water bowsers to you and a pump (if needed) too.

We’ll ensure they are no hazards or other issues with accessing your location (such as farm buildings, muddy paths/lanes or narrow gates and driveways. This will also ensure that we provide the right size vehicle to ensure accessibility.

The benefits of non-potable water delivery.

4) How can non potable water delivery save me money?

Using our service could save you money. Instead of trying to source and establish a piping network from your own supply, that may be too far away or would require lots of infrastructure, using a delivery service like ours could be cheaper and definitely less hassle. Avoiding unnecessary costs also frees up your finances for other projects and activities, which is an added bonus.

5) How can non potable water delivery save me time?

Consider the work involved in:

·      Finding suitable water containers

·      Finding a big and sturdy enough vehicle to transport the water

·      The logistics of lugging water from one place to another

·      Any moving and lifting involved - do you have the machinery or man power for this?

We’re happy to help if you want to take the bother out of your water supply needs. Simply call us to discuss your storage or water requirements.

Where mains water is simply not accessible and your requirements do not include drinking water, having access to non portable water can be a life saver, money saver and time saver.

Talk to us about non potable water delivery or water bowser storage.

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