May 3, 2022

5 Things You Should Know About Water Bowsers

What is a Water Bowser?

The IBC (intermediate water container)or Water Bowser is a reusable container with a steel cage that makes it easy to store, and simple to move.

Our bowsers are ideal for providing a non-potable (non drinkable) water supply to the construction, transport and farming industries to name just a few.

In addition to water bowser hire, we can additionally offer follow up non potable water deliveries to your location, in addition to an initial fill up of up to 1000 litres when you hire from us.

Bowsers are durable, efficient and cost-effective.

The Benefits of Water Bowsers

1)   Bowsers are durable. 

Water bowsers are made from strong, sturdy and lightweight plastic. They are designed to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions, and let’s face it, that can only be an advantage when it comes to the British weather. Bowsers additionally weigh much less than some other options, making them easier to handle and transport. Water bowsers are watertight so your water supply will not be contaminated by outside pollutions.

One of the primary advantages of bowsers is their durability and ability to withstand movement. Their sturdy design ensures they can survive knocks and scrapes, particularly during transportation. In addition, the protective cage protects the bowsers from shocks and other types of interference, which may occur particularly in an industrial or construction setting.

2)   They are efficient

Bowsers allow for ultimate efficiency when it comes to storing water. A bowser is easy to manoeuvre using a forklift useful when placed on a high surface so the water can be gravity fed. If the bowser is kept are at ground level or you wish to link several bowsers together, then an electronic pump can be used. Also, these containers can store more in less space, compared to drums and other types of containers. This allows you to optimise the room you have available.

3)   They are cost-effective

Bowsers are pocket friendly. These containers are both economically and environmentally cost-effective and will save you money.

4)   They are reusable

Bowers can be refilled whilst still in-situ for the duration of your needs. Whether this is a construction site, farm, highway depot or event. We can deliver non-potable water to your site, removing the headache of having access to mains water and piping.

We use water so frequently on a daily basis, that we often use it without thinking about it’s source, supply and how much actually use. It’s probably more than you think, so hiring a container like our 1000 litre tank provides you with a generous volume, which can be topped up when needed.

5)   They are versatile

Our 1000 litres tank is fully linkable to create an even large capacity. These bowsers can also be used with or without a pump depending on your needs.

The have a multitude of uses for

·      Construction Sites, Civil Works and Engineering Projects - for dust suppression, cement mixing

·      In industry for evaporative cooling

·      Transport management – as ballast for traffic barriers

·      Home Builds, extensions and renovations

·      Sporting venues, farms and communal allotments -for irrigation

·      Outdoor Music Events, Shows and Festivals for toilet flushing

·      General public -vehicle, ground and yard cleaning

There are many other uses too!

If you are interested in hiring a bowser (with or without a pump), a non-potable water delivery or simply have a question for us, then please get in touch.

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