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April 4, 2022

Meet the Team - Tanker Driver, Ade.

Meet Ade, a five year veteran of D-tox, who drives a 26 tonne HGV on his rounds through the greater Midlands area. Ade’s main responsibilities include emptying cess pits, septic tanks, captured waste tanks and man holes. Never without his sunglasses even on a dull day, he is a tanker driver who is known for always getting the job done.

Ade’s is one of our ‘poster boys’ for tanker work and non potable water delivery, so he’s a familiar face to many. When asked about his day to day work he explained,

“I’m an early bird so I’m often out on the road whilst most people are still fast asleep. I like driving and I know my routes well. It’s good arriving at locations, meeting site agents and other staff who have gotten to know me over the years.”

Prior to tankering Ade was a motorcycle instructor and when not at work, he can still be found out on his bike, especially on track days. An avid caravanner, Ade visits his adopted second home in Wales whenever possible.

One of our ‘go to’ guys, Ade is someone we turn to when we have an unusual, specialist or tricky job. He’s very dependable and open to taking on extra work to meet customer needs when the need arises.

You’ll also find, Ade carrying out site visits to complete risk assessments and getting involved with our event side of the business too. We have many event organisers who hire effluent tanks from us. As you can imagine, any event you attend needs to have working toilets for it to run smoothly. Ade’s responsibilities include visiting the event to empty the tanks ensuring the event continues without any sanitation issues.

Thanks for your hard work Ade!

If you need effluent waste removal, or non-potable water delivery, then contact us to get a quote or to see how we can help.

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Jeannie Hoddinott

Jeannie has copywritten blogs for many years in several industries including sustainable transport, health, the charity sector and sanitation.
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