April 3, 2023

Can I get my own toilet or welfare unit serviced?

We all know that once you have sorted out your sanitation needs for your site or event, that’s only half of the problem solved. The bigger your workforce or visitor numbers, the more likely you are to need cleaning and emptying services.

If you’re having a one off event lasting just a day with small numbers – you’re unlikely to need a clean. However depending on the number of people you have using your toilets and over what period of time, this could change drastically.

Are you hiring from D-tox?

If you are hiring a standard portable toilet from us (for construction use) then you will get a weekly service included in your rental period.

If you are hiring from us for an event or believe your needs will differ from this then let us know your plans, user numbers and duration of hire and we can give you a realistic idea of how often you will need to service your toilets or welfare unit and build this into your quote.

Have your own portable toilet or welfare cabin and need a service? Yes we can do that.

You may already have your own sanitation units for your site or location and are simply after a company to empty and clean for you. If this is the case, then we can offer you a service for your own units. Talk to us about how often you would like your site to be visited and we can set this up. If you're not sure about how often this should be done, we can discuss the number or users or visitors to the site in relation to the toilet or effluent tank size you have. Based on this information we can then offer you a service based on your needs.

Whether the service for your welfare unit or service for your portable toilet is a one off or a regular occurrence over a long or short term period, we’d love to help. Our jobs come in all shapes and sizes but we’re here to meet your needs.

Have you hired off another company but need servicing? Yes we can do that.

You may have hired your portable toilet, welfare unit or effluent tank from another supplier and that’s fine. They may be already be providing you with servicing or you may prefer to set this up separately with another company.

Need additional servicing on top of your weekly clean? Yes we can do that.

It could simply be you need additional servicing on top of what you are already receiving and your current company do not have capacity to do this. We’ll work with you to determine what you need. After all no one wants to be using a full toilet that needs cleaning. A clean and empty toilet means a happier workforce / visitors.

Where do we cover?

D-tox covers an extensive area across the Greater Midlands area of the UK (view our map). If you are just outside of our coverage area, please give us a call as we still may be able to help you if we have other jobs in your area.

What else should you consider?

Are your units accessible? –we’ve written a great blog about how to ensure your servicing goes smoothly, from where to place (or not to place) your toilets, to site contact details and vehicle access.

Sundries – Do you need additional paper towels, soap, antibacterial gel, toilet paper ? You can obtain these yourself or add these onto your hire or service for convenience.

What happens if you need a service during a bank holiday period? We have a blog that explains how we deal with this.

What happens if your toilet falls over? we all know how unpredictable the British weather can be and this does happen from time to time, again our blog can let you know what to do.

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