February 13, 2020

Hiring A Portable Toilet For A Party? [Options & Prices]

If you're planning a party your bound to be pretty excited. It's understandable, especially if it’s a big one. Seeing all your friends, having a little bit of a responsible drink. What's not to love!

Well, the after math, the clean-up, the potential destruction of household items, or even the entire venue if things go too far.

Depending on what type of party this is will also influence what toilet options are available. If it's a venue your probably sorted.  

However, not all venues have suitable facilities, and it may be necessary to provide an extra toilet or two. That's where portable toilet hire comes in,

For example, your local village hall or community centre might only have one toilet. Depending on how big this party is it's unlikely this would be enough. You'll need to figure out how many portable toilets you need. 

If you're event is outdoors there may well be no toilets. For example outdoor weddings 9 times out of 10 will need to hire portable toilets or some form of facilities.

If it's a house party this presents the same challenge and also some different ones. Its why portable toilets are a valid option here as well.

Portable Toilet Hire For Parties - Your Options

Of course, you want the party to be a success, you don't want people hanging around waiting for the toilet. Especially if it’s in your home.

So, what's the best option for you? Well at D-Tox we have a range of portable toilets that can fit the bill. Our experienced advisers will be able to tell you how many portable toilets you need. They will be able to tell you the exact mix you need to ensure queues are minimised.

Introducing your new favourite dream team…

Standard Portable Toilet Hire

This is the portable toilet you will see at countless festivals around the world. They were practically built for events and parties. These are closed units so can be pretty much be placed anywhere you need them to be.

If you're sticking these toilets outdoor at night, they also come with an upgrade option of motion sensor lights. That should hopefully reduce the amount of drunken accidents. 

Urinal Hire

Ask any man who has been to a festival and he will tell you these are an absolute god send.  Another benefit of having these is they will keep the queues down for the toilets. Which will keep all of your guests happy.

Our 4 bay urinals are perfect to have at events and parties and work as the perfect sanitation team with our standard portable toilets.

If you are having these at your party its best to consider placement. These are open units so you will need to place them in an area with a degree of privacy.

You can also get a handy pee-pod pole with soap dispensers attached as nice additional extra.

Additional Options

In addition to the above we also have disabled toilets and baby-change units. If needs be, we can make sure that you have every box ticked for guests of all ages and abilities. With one more thing ticked off you can focus more on enjoying the party!

If you're worried about space you can also read out blog on portable toilet dimensions so you know how much room you need.

Hire Costs

Most portable toilet hire companies will have a minimum hire. Which is normally two weeks. That doesn't mean the toilet needs to hang around for the full two weeks, it can be collected within this time period. But you will still be charged the full amount of the hire.

But you may find with “event” hire they just offer a price for the whole event period either way you will be looking at around £60 for a short term basic portable toilet hire. This cost my increase slightly depending on the type of toilet you decide to hire and you may also need to pay transport charges and VAT.

Wondering how many portable toilets you need to hire per person? Our expert team will be able to tell you exactly what you need to ensure your guests won't be queuing to long for the loo. You can also use our free toilet hire calculator.

Delivery & Set Up

With any of our event hire options delivery and set up by our team is included. Simply pick a date and time that suits your an we will be there to deliver and collect your hire.

Our team will help get the portable toilets or urinals in the exact place you need.

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