Portable Urinal Hire

Our portable and stackable four-bay Pee Pod urinals are ideal for significantly reducing toilet queues at outdoor events. Hiring urinals means speedy throughput of more female users too. Also, one four-bay urinal saves hiring at least four Standard Portable Toilet Hire units. The separate urinal is ideal for male users at medium to large events and especially where alcohol is served.

Using Pee Pods means standard toilets are kept clearer for the young, female and/or elderly users.
How do our Portable Hire Urinals preserve modesty?

The Pee Pod Portable Hire Urinal is perfectly engineered with both event operator and user modesty in mind. Its ergonomic shape and moulded privacy fins enhance user experience whilst preserving modesty. Pee Pod Hire Urinals can be used openly, without the need for further cover and without public offense.

  • Music concerts and festivals
  • Weddings and parties
  • Sporting events / Golf courses - 10th tee
  • Private functions
  • Car boot shows
  • Designed for 4 users at one time - quick and hygienic
  • Cut down queues for standard toilets
  • Create chains of urinals by easy linking kits
  • Waste distributes evenly
  • Only block off one unit whilst emptying all others
  • Link to external waste storage for even more waste capacity
  • Top half can be removed completely to allow access for cleaning
  • Optional hand sanitiser pole allows users to clean hands using sanitising gel
  • Transport in stacks of 7
  • 28 urinal spaces in much the same space as 1 portable toilet
550 litres
120 gallons
Dry Weight
  • Cleaned and serviced to agreed timescales by trained personnel
  • Rigorously steam-cleaned and quality checked before each delivery
  • Waste removal and disposal only at registered waste treatment facilities
  • All drivers are CPC trained, hold the national sanitation qualification (NSQ) and carry out in-house training
  • D-tox Group conforms to a standard Code of Practice
  • Delivered and collected by D-tox Group personnel - we do not use third parties
  • Unit offloaded, sited and positioned by D-tox Group staff for your convenience and allowing access for cleaning
The benefits of portable urinal hire

Portable urinals save significant costs and make perfect economic sense. Each Four-Bay Pee Pod Portable Hire Urinal unit replaces at least four or more Portable Toilets Hire units. This helps reduce the demand and queues for portable toilets as male attendees will be able to use urinals. The Pee Pod design allows for quicker and modest usage and considerably reduces queue time.

How are Portable Hire Urinals emptied?

The waste from all our Portable Four-Bay Pee Pod Hire Urinal units need to be emptied as the built-in collection tanks fills up. This is the only service required. However, by daisy-chaining Portable Urinal Pee Pod units together means waste collects into a large volume holding Tuff Tank instead. That single collection tank can be then emptied remotely and less often too. Thus, Portable Urinal Hire Pee Pods can be in continuous use without having to empty each unit.

Event Organiser Benefits

For event organisers hiring portable urinals makes great economic sense. 1 Pee Pod can be used to replace 4 male portable toilets, creating potential cost savings. The Pee Pod design allows for quicker usage, therefore reducing queue time. Using Pee Pods at an event also reduces the demand on the portable toilets.

Linkable and Practical

Each urinal can have 4 users at any one time and because each unit is fully linkable; they can be connected in lines, if required. Their connectivity allows operators to place the required number of urinals in situ and to terminate them into a holding Tuff Tank.

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"What can I say... D-tox Group provide us with an AMAZING service from start to finish. I never have any complaints at all from any of my customers. Please pass onto all the team a BIG THANK YOU from me for all there hard work".
Sam Cuff - Travis Perkins Birmingham Central
"An outstanding, reliable and competitively priced service".
Steve Dallas - Hire Manager, Travis Perkins
"Thank you for the service levels that D-tox Group are providing. The service at B23 was a prime example. I have always provided service above price and it has been a long time since we have received service to the standards that we like to give ourselves. Keep up the good work!".
Mel Gould - General Manager, Welfare 4 Hire
"Very professional and reliable, something in events that is very important. The equipment is always of high standard and the service level has always been excellent. I recommend anyone in using D-tox Group for their temporary toilet accommodation".
Paul Madders - Events Depot & Technical Services Manager, Birmingham City Council
"Very friendly and helpful staff who provide a quality, reliable service time and time again. There is a reason we’re regular customers!"
Brodie Shanks - Depot Manager, Aldridge Events
"Our Company has dealt with D-tox Group for a good many years. The staff in their office are always polite and the service we receive is always first class. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to future clients".
John Igoe - Kendrick
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