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March 6, 2023

Reasons to use D-tox - We Invest In Staff Training

Like all professional companies, D-tox want to ensure our staff get the most out of what they do by providing up to date, relevant and essential training. By doing this we can reduce accidents and incidents, give confidence and ensure everyone has the skills they need to do the work at hand.

We offer a mixture of bespoke in house training alongside national industry accredited and compulsory training. So whether you’re a potential customer wanting to know how we operate, or you want to know more about us as a potential employer– here’s some reassuring facts about how we work.


Portable Sanitation Europe (PSE) / National Sanitation Qualification

This is industry specific Health and Safety training which all staff attend ensuring competence Bench mark standards are met in line with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This provides our staff with the practical tools they need to do the job efficiently, smartly and to standard.

Driver Certificate of Professional Competency (CPC compliant)

This is also known as the Driver Competency Qualification Card, meaning that all of our 3.5 tonne drivers and over have completed 35 hours of training to achieve their CPC card. This is an ongoing certification and is monitored and updated regularly.

In House and on the job training.

We provide web based in house training which we have written and created ourselves so we know our staff receive the right training for the products, machinery and vehicles we provide.  In addition to this we have a dedicated and experienced inhouse trainer who spends several dayswith each new member of staff to train them on the job, after they have completedtheir mandatory training. By doing this we ensure that every field operative is aware of how to safely and competently:

·       Maneuver

·       Service

·       Clean -  each unit and product

as well as operating their

·       vehicle

·       machinery

effectively and securely.

Whilst taking into consideration

·       The health and safety of themselves, their equipment and the people around them.

This is renewed every 3 years regardless of how long an employee has been with us. This means any updates in our procedures can be rolled out as necessary, and we can ensure everyone has the most up to date training needed.

Great Customer Service.

Our Hire Desk Team our the hub of communications between our drivers, customers and other D-tox staff. With backgrounds in the legal, finance and banking professions, our team are very experienced in dealing with questions, queries and challenges. We can answer product related queries and help with common problems you may encounter too. Our hire desk, know what we do and how our products work so their skills and knowledge are second to none. Got a question? Then ask us.

Here at D-tox we understand the work our staff undertake is essential to the smooth running of your operations too. We want our staff to be able to carry out their work to ensure the best outcome for you and as safety and effectively as possible. We pride ourselves on our great customer service and by carrying out all of our training we have set out above, we are ensuring our employees have an excellent base on which to achieve and  maintain high standards of work.

Regular auditing

We additionally carry out regular audits of our work, so on the odd occasion we haven’t met your expectations, let us know. However we strive to constantly make improvements in what we do, after all we only as good as our last job.

Please check out our Trust Pilot reviews to find out what our past and current customers think of us, and if possible, please leave us a review too.


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