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May 4, 2023

We Are Registered Waste Carriers

If you have a construction site, are running an event or just a small party at home, then the likelihood is you will create some effluent waste. If you are hiring portable toilets, hiring an effluent tank or have a septic tank or cess pit, you will need to move the sewage waste that you've created. Whoever you choose to do this, ensure they are registered as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency and are licensed to dispose of your effluent waste.. 

Lower Tier and Upper Tier Waste Carriers

A lower tier carrier deals with waste items such as waste from mines and quarries, agricultural premises, or animal by-products. For the removal of sewage waste, the company that empty your portable toilets , effluent tank or septic tank must be an upper tier registered waste carrier.

Upper Tier Waste Carriers... (that's us)

Upper Tier waste carriers, like D-tox, apply for a waste carrier license which is renewed every 3years with the Environment Agency. This allows us to legally transfer and discharge your effluent waste to authorised sewage treatment plants.

Why Is It Important To Check For A Waste Carriers Licence?

Whether you run a business or are a homeowner, you’re ultimately responsible for where your waste ends up. That’s why you must ensure that whoever is collecting the waste is a registered waste carrier. Without this certification, your waste could end up being illegally dumped or left at an unauthorised site. If the waste is traced back to you or your business, you could face fines that potentially run into the thousands.

Who Is Responsible For What?

We are responsible for making sure that the waste we carry is handled safely and legally. We will only pass waste to a registered plant who are authorised to take it. We check and keep proof of your disposal to ensure we have verification of responsibly disposing of your waste. We pass this proof onto you in the form of a waste transfer note, sent electronically to you via email.

Why Are Waste Transfer Notes Important?

A waste transfer note proves your waste has been moved / transport and disposed of in an approved way at an official treatment works. The waste transfer note provides part of a chain of evidence for these actions. This maybe something you need to prove as part of a risk assessment or audit. It’s also good housekeeping to keep all of your paperwork in check not only for this, but so you also have evidence should you need it. This also prevents fly tipping by a third party, which, in the case of effluent waste could be dangerous to local wildlife, the water table and human contact.

Using a registered waste carrier also means you will be charged a fair and reasonable price to remove your waste appropriately.

How To Check For A Waste Carriers Licence

Any reputable waste management company, like D-tox,  will be more than happy to provide evidence of their waste carriers licence. Alternatively, you can easily do some online research yourself if you have any doubts.

 You can do a simply search for the business name on the Environment Agency Web Site or Email the Environment Agency or contact the Environment Agency directly on 03708 506 506 and ask for a waste carrier validation check.

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