July 3, 2023

How Food And Drink Affects Your Portable Toilet Hire.

Whether your event is big or small, you'll need your portable toilets to cater for the crowd. Throw in a UK hot Summer’s day (yes we do get them) and suddenly everyone’s drinking lots and using the loo more regularly too.

So, if you're serving food and drink how many portable toilets should you hire? Too few portable toilets could lead to complaints, especially if you have busy ones in high footfall areas that get full quickly and become over used.

Whether you’re providing a BBQ, a hog roast, or there's an array of stall ranging from hot dogs and pretzels to local ale and ice creams - getting the number of portable toilets right for your audience is really important. The more food and drink on offer the more your portable toilets will be used, particularly if you’re holding a summer event and it’s likely to be a hot day.

A Few Hours or a Weekender?

The length of your event will also have a bearing on how many portable toilets to hire, whether it’s a couple of hours long or spread over a weekend.

Will you need disabled / accessible toilets? The likelihood is you will, to ensure you are being inclusive and meeting your audience’s needs.

Having a good understanding of your audience size and likely male to female ratio when determining the number of toilets required for your event is always a bonus. If you don’t know the number attending, assume a 50:50 male /female 50:50split. Urinals (male and female) can do wonders to cut down on queueing and keep your portable toilets free for those that really need to use them.

So, a mixtures of event portable toilets, disabled units and urinals is a good mix to have to serve everyone’s needs, reducing long lines of people waiting to use the loo and keeping everyone attending happy.

There’s likely to be longer queues for the women's toilets than the men's loos, due to women having to remove more clothing to spend a penny, as well as other considerations. A female urinal reduces toilet use from 3 minutes down to 30 seconds, that’s a lot of queuing time saved, so is definitely worth considering.

Space Man.....

You’ll also need to consider the space you have available to ensure you have flat surface access (particularly for accessible units) and for any servicing vehicles that will be visiting the site if you request a portable toilet empty and clean during your event.

Take a look at our graphic below to help you decide the right number of toilets for you.

If you’re still not sure how many portable toilets and urinals to hire, contact us! We’ve been doing this for nearly 30 years and our experience puts us in a great position to understand and advise on your individual circumstances. We can suggest products, quantities needed and whether you are likely to need a service during your event (depending on the length of your event and the amount of people attending).

Our advice is free so take advantage of it. Want to have a quick chat? You can call us on 0800 999 2260.

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