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July 31, 2023

Meet The Team - Jude

We’re proud of our team and we think it’s important you put names to faces. So let us introduce you to our Transport Manager, Jude.

Jude has been with us for 6 years. Originally working on the Hire Desk, Jude then moved into transport, a natural progression for her since her background was spent working in the transport industry, (alongside HR and accounts.)

Always busy with a fleet of trucks to maintain, Jude ensures vehicles are in a well maintained condition and looks after the company’s drivers, sorting out training and any day to day problems. Jude’s day often starts early and ends late as she monitors those drivers on an early bird start or a late finish. A good day is all vehicles functioning perfectly, a full compliment of staff, clear roads and good weather conditions! Days like that don’t come along too often, but when they do, everything goes like clockwork!

Jude said:

‘I enjoy the challenge of my job. On a day to day basis I never know what’s in store for me and no two days are the same, but I like the challenge!’, I love the good days and the bad,  I wouldn’t change anything about what I do’.

To date the most unusual aspect of Jude’s job has been helping in the rescue of a swan. D-tox’s offices back on to the Daw End Canal, and one very cold morning a member of staff spotted a swan in the iced over canal who’s feet had become stuck. Jude liaised with the local RSPCA to locate the swan and provided piping to add warmer water to  loosen the ice around him.

‘It’s not my normal field of expertise, but I was happy to help!’  Jude observed.

With a busy work life Jude loves to switch off by having the family round for a home cooked meal, and baking with her grandson. Rarely still, Jude and likes to keep busy at home with DIY and gardening but admitted there’s nothing like relaxing in the garden after a hard days work too. With every thing she packs into a normal day does she have any doubts about what she does and who she works for?

‘No! Working for D-tox is fantastic I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but I love that I am able to manage my own workload, priorities and make decisions, but know that I have a supportive team around me should I need them.’

Thanks for your continued hard work and determination Jude!

Jeannie Hoddinott

Jeannie has copywritten blogs for many years in several industries including sustainable transport, health, the charity sector and sanitation.
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