May 1, 2023

How Often & When Should You Empty Portable Toilets At Events

If you are hiring a portable toilet for a day event, the likelihood is that you won’t need to get the toilet serviced unless you have large numbers of people coming. If your event lasts more than a day, overnight or over several days, then the chances are you will need a service, clean and empty for your portable toilets. But how do you decide how often this needs to be done? Read on to find out our expert advice.

How big is your audience?

The maths is simple, the more people on site, the more portable toilets you will need. Our Purple Guide Summary blog has a useful graphic regarding toilet quantities for events.

What type of event will you be holding?

Will there be a steady flow of people using the toilets for the duration of your event or are you likely to have periods of time when everyone will want to use them (during an interval for a play or production.)

Rapid and constant use of any toilet can cause them to fill quickly, become unsanitary and prone to blockages.

Food and Drink

Your audiences food and fluid intake will make a huge difference. the more food and drink on offer the more your toilets will be used, especially if alcohol is available.

Hiring more toilets could reduce the need for an empty, but there is no guarantee that all toilets will be used equally and you could still end up with a toilet that is quickly full and out of use because it appears to be everyone favourite loo.

Are there vendors and staff on site?

Will they have separate toilet facilities, or will they be using the same toilets as your audience? Remember to include them in your numbers if they are using the same toilets facilities.

Will your event include an evening or weekend?

If the answer is yes, then you are more than likely going to need an toilet empty and clean. If you have shower facilities too, the extra grey waste that is collected from these will also point towards your decision to book in a service.

Check out the graphic below to decide on when to book in your service.

Solutions and Problems

The Toilet Liquid Is No Longer Blue And No Longer Smells Pleasant.

Problem - As the toilet is used more the water and blue chemical will become diluted with waste and will start to lose its blue colour. The perfumed smell of the ‘blue’ will start to be replaced with unpleasant odours.

Solution -If this is something you’ve noticed and you’re not due a service, then book in an extra service on your portable toilet, your in need of an empty and refresh.

Water From The Toilet Overlaps The Pan Before The Toilet Is Used.

Problem - If your waste holding tank is full, not only does the blue chemical begin to look green and unwanted smells make an appearance, but you will see water from the flush tank overlapping the pan. This means the holding waste tank is full. B

Solution -Book in a empty as soon as you can and try to pre-empt this from happening in future. Additional use or strain on the toilet unit could mean more frequent emptying is needed.

Cleanliness Of The Toilet Has Started To Reduce.

Problem - If you begin to see messy floors, sinks and toilets in your units, then this is also a sign to get a service booked in. The unit’s overall sanitation goes hand in hand with the inner toilet’s capacity. So full toilet means dirty toilet unit - one will always affect the other.

Solution – This is probably a toilet in a high traffic area. Ensure you have a regular service scheduled and additional ones if needed.

There Is No Antibac Liquid / Soap To Cleanse My Hands.

Problem - On the bright side it does mean that people are cleaning their hands! Ask for a refill during your service. Our clean water sink tank in our portable loos holds 45 litres of water, so there should be plenty to last.

Solution - if you’re clean water is low or empty, then it’s time to book in a service. If your gel dispenser is low, we will also top this up during your service too if you request it.

Provide Full Access To Your Service Team.

Finally, the most important thing is to double check that your service team has full access to your portable toilets. If you have locked gates, or entrances that require codes - provide the code to your team or ensure we have keys to access them. Make sure that there is clear access for vehicles and that the toilet is easy to locate, in an area which is not soft underfoot or has rough terrain.

As long as you leave toilets accessible, no staff need be available at the time of the service. At D-tox we provide contactless and signature free job sign off and send evidence of our service to you with photographs via email.

If you have any questions at all about your event and what to ask about our products or ask advice, we’re here to help. 0800 999 2260 or email us.

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