July 9, 2018

Rotary Club of Stourbridge "Proms in the Park"

Sunday, 16th June 2018 the Rotary Club of Stourbridge staged “Proms in the Park” in the very attractive grounds of Himley Hall near Dudley.

The afternoon/evening picnic concert featured the Stourbridge Orchestra and the West Midlands Concert Band. It was held to support the local community enabling them to enjoy a relaxed informal concert of light classical and modern music with a `Last Night of the Proms` theme. As part of the Rotary International of Great Britain & Ireland (RIBI) the Rotary Club of Stourbridge is very active in raising money for local charitable causes.

D-tox supported Rotary Club of Stourbridge with event toilet hire for its Proms in the Park concert at Himley Hall

While the Himley House location is indeed picturesque, its permanent facilities weren't suitable to support this kind of outdoor event. So the organisers needed to provide portable toilets whilst trying to keep costs down to a minimum. Fortunately the Club had been alerted to D-tox's charity event policy and put in the call to see if we could help. We are pleased to report that D-tox was able to supply 6 out of the 10 toilets required for free. 

If your charity is organising an outdoor event then, providing the venue is within 15 miles of our yard in Aldridge (near Walsall), then talk to us today. We'll see what we can do.

Of course we can also provide toilets, tanks and tankerage for a wide range of public and private events from birthday parties to wedding receptions.

Why not speak to our hire team to find out exactly how we can help?.Contact D-tox on FREEPHONE 0800 999 2260 or email today.


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